“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

– Dr. Peter F. Drucker

Managers as Cultural Ambassadors

The culture of your hospitality organization – its values, goals, and practices – is the environment in which your strategy and brand either thrives or withers away.  Company culture is shaped by how your leaders act so ensure your leaders are terrific cultural ambassadors for you, and that they model the behaviours you want to see in your organization.

Recruiting for Cultural Fit

It’s what we do and it sets us apart. We invest time in getting to know your company culture then find highly skilled candidates that are a great cultural fit. Why is this important? By recruiting for cultural fit we can deliver exceptionally talented candidates who will flourish in their new roles, drive growth and success, and ultimately save you time and money.

Profile’s Search Methodology

Our search strategy depends on the unique needs of your hospitality organization. We meet you wherever you are – whether you are beginning to craft a position description or ready to take a role to market, our goal is to understand and reflect your strategic imperatives and develop the strongest pool of candidates using our effective and efficient iterative process.

Pre-search interviews allow us to understand your position requirements and unique company culture. Our findings inform the Position Description which articulates the key competencies and sets out the search priorities.
We search our ever growing network, utilizing our extensive contacts established over decades of experience in the Canadian hospitality industry and reach out to top-tier potential candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position but might be enticed to join your organization. We interview high potential candidates and evaluate them against your key competencies and cultural fit.
We brief you on the talent pool and arrange interviews with your top prospects. Once finalist candidates are identified they are thoroughly vetted and we provide you with feedback from at least three references.
Our team can assist in crafting a compelling compensation package and securing your top prospect.